Sydney – Camberra – Tilba Tilba

Driving away from Sidney I took lots of nice pictures from the coast. I made a small circle and drove through Royal National Park. It is rocky territory covered with large forests. From there it was a possibility to head straight on to Southern Highway, but I chose the longer road and went on to Grand Pacific Drive. Some parts of that road remained me of Great Ocean Road which I used in the beginning of my trip. The endless beaches varied with industrial territories. I spent the night near Seven Mile Beach. I think it is even longer than 7 miles! The weather was not good as the rain was dripping.

In Batenhaven  seaside park I saw very interesting design. As I have written before, there is a memorial for soldiers fallen in different wars, in every town. Mainly the obelisks look the same, but this time the design is different! Even benches in the park are different. In the Computer Store they sell all kinds of computers you might desire. In Batenhaven  I changed one rear tire, which was totally sleek.

The road to Canberra took me over the mountains and it was a tribulation to my old “Frog” Too bad that my GPS doesn´t have an altimeter. Rough ups and downs in the mountains left a feeling to me that I am conquering Dzhomolungma soon. Luckily after rapid climb downfall came, so it turned out easier for me. Canberra did not surprise. Canberra´s architecture was planned by Americans in the beginning of the last century. The roads are wide; there is lots of space and greenery. You can´t get lost in Canberra. Everything is made like by using the ruler and the dividers. Canberra for me is like the city somebody drew.

I visited the Australian War Memorial. The soldiers fallen in the wars are all written there – starting from Soudan Contingent 1885 until the Iraqi War. Surprisingly there are many wars that I did not knew before.

Parliament House is big and fancy. People can visit it freely everyday 9AM – 5PM. The only exception is Christmas. There is a store in the Parliament House where you can buy lots of souvenirs. I thought I´ll buy two mugs with the first and the last prime ministers on it, but taking a closer look I disappointed a bit.  On Julia Gillard mug there was a picture like from her passport and the price was high too- 19 dollars. At last I decided to buy a John Howard mug. He was the long termed prime minister of Australia.

To Lilli Pilli I drove only because the name is so cute! It is almost as beautiful as Kununurra. Lilli Pilli turned out to be a small town, where building was going on around the clock. For couple of years later Lilli Pilli will look like hundreds of other small towns, but the name stays pretty!

It seems that real estate business is in Australia nowadays very popular. Even in small villages there is at least one real estate office and plenty of work to do. I can tell You that there is nothing new in this sector – property location and how big it is counts. Small town house will cost 250 – 500 000 dollars, but very fancy houses much more!

I was heading south and tried to keep close to the coast. On my way to Congo asphalt ran out and the gravel road started. It was the very first time during this trip when I drove on the landscape. As my GPS commanded me forward, I moved on stubbornly.

I ended this day in Tilba Tilba. A village from 19th century. In the evening it was very busy in “gas-station-bar-restaurant” Very nice place.

Late greetings on behalf on Valentine´s Day´!

Special greetings to police officer mr. Drown, who gave me maximum penalty for not fastening the seat belt.

Tilba Tilba,

15th  February

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