About the Trip

Australia is for me an Unknown Country and that is exactly why I had irresistible wish to explore this land a little bit more. At first we had a plan to send within a sea container from Tallinn to Melbourne a so called “Hipi Bus” – Volkswagen with birth year 1963! Renovating Volkswagen seems to take much more time and that is why our plans changed. We will arrive to Australia on 17Th December and buy a suitable bus for this adventure. An adventure starts in Melbourne 26th December and the first longer stop is made in Adelaide, where we greet hopefully a very Happy New Year!

We’ll continue traveling as close as possible to coast – Perth, Karratha, Darwin etc. By the first week of March 2011 we have made a round to Australia and we will again arrive to Melbourne. The whole trip is ca 16000km long! Flight tickets are in our pockets and the event is happening with 99% certainty. Budget of this event is quite large and finding some sponsors would be very welcome. Anyhow, if the sponsors could not be found, we just return after this adventure much slimmer and that´s not very dramatic either!

Movement of our bus in Australia can be seen in reality on the map beside here! We also try to describe on website as good as we can our life on this journey. You can join in the e-mail news list! If You need more info, do not hesitate to write to:

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