Lakes Entrance – Port Albert – Phillip Island

The name of Lakes Entrance pictures correctly the purpose of it. On that spot there is an entrance from the ocean to the lakes. We can think long is it the lake, the rive or the bay?! Someone has made a choice before me – it is the lake!  All the dividing land zone is really a very large sand dune, which is partly covered with forest. You have to count that most of the forest is really the bushes. The only real forest is the rain forest where the trees are really high.

Port Albert is far from the highways. I met Dutch backpackers there and they were also heading to Melbourne. In Port Albert I tried to measure and picture the difference between highs and lows. The local people say it might be up to 2,5 metres.

Port Welshpool is like many other port towns, but I saw a very interesting view there.  Several towboats pulled an oil drill tower from the Philippines where it was made. The weather was foggy and I could not manage to take a good shot out of it. About oil drill towers I had a lecture from the local farmer Paul who is a farmer and sheepdog breeder.

I decided to drive to the lowest southern point in Australia. It is in Wilsons Promontory. The road to that cape is very rocky. It was a tribulation to old “Frog” again, but we completed this one again. The road ended in Tidal River. To reach the very southern end of Australia one must walk ca 20km. Here I lost my appetite to conquer the mountains. I defined myself a new aim and it was “I drove to the most southward parking lot in Australia”

In San Remo marketplace was held on that day. It contained a circus and all the stuff that goes with it. They sold any kind of rubbish you could think of and the live band was performing.

From San Remo the road takes me to Phillip Island. On that west coast island You can see the small penguins (the smallest on earth in fact). After the sunset they crawl to the shore and they demonstrate it gladly for 36 dollars. As I was there in the morning I decided not to wait and move on to Summerlands. It is situated far in the west. Very strong wind expected me there, but the view was marvellous.

About sports.

Australian likes sports. In the morning You can see lots of people jogging, bicycling, swimming and exercising. Early in the morning they are there. I park “Frog” in the evening on an empty parking lot and in the morning you`ll find it completely changed.

The parking lot is full of cars and other vehicles. After an hour it is quiet again. This morning the bicyclers were on top – they had a special race coming. Well, Estonia is as rocky as Nepal, but the most popular bike is mountain bike?! In Australia they are mainly using the road bikes.


19th February

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