Given GPS tracking device by Oskando has endured quite well. There have been some temporary network interruptions of in the far north, in the middle of deserts and where the temperature was over 45 degrees. During the travelling time I’ve discovered all sorts of tricks on how to operate the device in extreme conditions. Since the device was the cabin floor – in normal conditions it would be hiding somewhere under the dashboard, where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. I covered it with the aluminum sheet from where the sun is reflecting back and the GPS device does not heat up more.
With the GPS antenna the things were more complicated. It must be on the
dashboard (or under it – the main thing is that there is no metal on top) to prevent it “seeing” the satellites. I protected antenna with white glossy coated paper, that the solar radiation would reflect back. Thanks to these revolutionary discoveries of the device worked perfectly.

Usually the technology for tracking cars is designed to monitor and record the movement of vehicles for other purposes. You can observe vehicle location online, calculate optimal routes, destinations visited, fuel consumption and much more. SeeMe environment is currently being used actively in the Baltics, Scandinavia and Central Europe.

I brought SeeMe also in Australia and it gives my site watchers opportunity to see the car’s location online. Here I give to my blog followers some late instructions on how to make better use of SeeMe environment. There is the link in my travel blog upper-right corner of the map, which is under the “Track Location Aussieround 2011, “. This link will open SeeMe  environment for you, where it shows the exact location of my car.

Initially, it is the Estonian-language environment, but in the top “Settings” section can also choose Auf Deutch, Hrvatski, Latvian, Lietuvskai, Magyar, PoPolski, Suomeksi, Svenska and po russki. Then select the bottom left corner and from there you can choose the monitoring period for your selected time-period. You can also see travel speeds, stops etc.. In fact, there are lot of other opportunities that I did not even have any time to check out.
I leave everyone a chance for a little joy of discovery. I myself have just
user password – for technical issues, please contact

What was particularly good: this service can also be used on all smartphones (eg I-Phone, or any Android phone)! If you open your phone browser and go to the address , you get the normal login and password sign up and can see the latest positions of vehicles in your possession. This solution was particularly convenient, and provided an opportunity to view the location at any time. I was myself before the Townsville-i in a situation where I stood on my GPS which crashed at an intersection without any signs. The above described iPhone feature gave me the opportunity to review your position on Google map and to continue in the right direction.

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