• Melbourne 17. dec
  • Geelong   26. Dec
  • Portland   27. Dec
  • Adelaide   28. Dec
  • Port Linloln   02. Jan
  • Perth   06. Jan
  • Geraldton 12.Jan
  • Carnavol 18. Jan
  • Broome   18. Jan
  • Darwin   22. Jan
  • Mount Isa 28.Jan
  • Townsville 29.Jan
  • Mackay   30. Jan
  • Rockhampton  31.Jan
  • Brisbane   01. Feb
  • Nimbin  04. Feb
  • Port Macquaire   06. Feb
  • Sydney   08. Feb
  • Camberra 14. feb
  • Batemans Bay   15. Feb
  • Mallacota   16. Feb
  • Phillip Island 19. Feb
  • Sorrento  22.Feb
  • Melbourne   01. March
  • Tallinn  09. March



One Comment

  1. Varastat and others
    Posted 5. Feb 2011 at 22:54 | Permalink

    Well, we have visited the Australia with you!
    Those drivers are really interesting and those bars-motels-and so one are quite funny too! If you want, we can send you some food, ’cause we don’t want you to die from hunger! I saw a river on the photos, so I want to suggest you to go fishing there and eat it, it’s much better, you know! It would be great to see more photos about life in Australia, such as people, shops, houses and so one…
    I would like to see a map from the very beginning to the end, to see your traveling road. And… friend, how are women there? Some photos would be good!
    We will continue to look at your traveling, so we’ll be waiting for you to come back! We really hope to work together with you again!

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