Geraldton – Kununurra

We got our car and started with refilling our supplies of water and food. Ahead waited 4500  km of unawareness. About that region we knew that it will be very hot and humid. As we started to leave Geraldton I forgot to fasten the seatbelt and the police was right there! The story was not long and we had to pay the penalty. From the policeman eyes I saw that I had done a terrible thing and I belong to prison. My conclusion was that our freedom is more valuable than money and paid.

The Australians are very polite drivers and you rarely notice a violation of the traffic rules. The roads are quite narrow and you almost never see the nervous drivers speeding by.  Our average speed was 80-90km/h. The other cars pass you only in the areas of the road where it is permitted. In Estonia you would hear horns scream behind you! Most of the roads are called highways (you can drive 110km/h), top speed in Northern State is 130km/h.

We held our breath when we headed to Carnavon and hoped that our technical problems were over for good. The temperature was +40C. We drove past several mountains and valleys, when we saw rain modifying a lake on the highway. First lake on the road was 300m long and 30cm deep! Our feet got wet, but that´s good isn´t it? Carnavon is small and lovely town by the coast. We got there 9pm. Around that time the Australians set themselves to sleep… The town was quiet. We took some fuel, which they sell in the small towns with much higher price than in the big cities. We try to reserve the fuel for at least 1000km.

We had lost time, so we had to drive on during the night. Our target was Karratha (662km) and by the morning we were there! It is an industrial town and Port Hedland where we were heading, also belongs to the same league.

Starting north-east we noticed many red sods beside the highway. Many shaped sods they were and saw these weird things for many more kilometres. These sods or loafs were sometimes fat and massive, but sometimes thin and long. In height starting from 20 cm up to 2 meters. At first I thought about ancient mammoths and them dropping some of their stuff here?! Yeah well nice and stoned shit it would make! As the Australians were not aware about any of the mammoths and the amount of the sods we saw were too many, we found the truth at last – they were built by the ant termites.

Next there was a city named Broome in our way. We checked the weather report and saw that the thunderstorm is coming. Next 600km there were only 2 gas stations and not a single town. Far from the cities these stations beside the highway are economically totally on their own. Electricity comes from the generators and the flights are flashing. Where they got their water was unclear, but we thought it is the rain that they filtrate and use.  Despite of extreme conditions everybody was friendly and happy.

Reaching Broome in the evening, we got wet instantly. Within seconds all the cloths were wet. Hands were stuck to steering wheel and we could not imagine how it is possible to sleep or rest in here! We had to find a shower. In the cities beside the ocean it´s easy, because the ocean water is very salty and every beach has showers. In no time we found one! What a relief it was – it was like a confession in church! Human being gets used to all relatively easy!

As we felt fine, we decide to baptize our good vehicle. After servicing it we had driven over 2000 km and “she” held on. It gave us a hope, that the problems will never come again. The bus we have is green, so it was natural to name it either crocodile or frog.  Crocodile was suitable because our vehicle is not dark green and does not eat meat! So FROG and the peaceful one it is! We decide not to invite any guests, despite local native people partying all around.

A knock on the door woke us up. Civil servants were there to tell us that no camping here. You must leave was the verdict! Penalty in sum of 45 dollars was the second option. They left us alone when we were on our way.

We spent most of our day in Broom. Suddenly Hannes´ ear caught Estonian language! 3 lads from Tartu where taking their first steps on Australian soil and were about to seek a job. It was marvelous to met them and was an intermission to our endless driving during the last days.

The next target was Kununurra. It is really the best name for this lovely town! Remains me something about Pippi Langstrumps Kurrunurruland. You all know the famous Astrid Lindgrens story about Pippi!? The road there took us away from the ocean and its cooling breeze.

On the road to Darwin we had to cross the state border line and reach Northern Territory.

Next update will come from Darwin – a wonderful city beside the ocean and also a capital of Northern Territory.

22. January

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