Esperance – Geraldton – Monkey Mia

We have to cry a little bit about our cars technical problems, because it has taken a great deal of our time and energy. We received our car much later than expected and then started drive towards north. As we were behind our schedule, we prepared for a long ride. The first big city was Geraldton, situated by the Indian ocean. There we posted our update to website. Signal strength was weak and using the internet was hard. We decided that will not open motor hood at least 2 days, but surviving instinct told us to open it! I don´t even know was it a surprise, but water pump seemed faulty and we did not dare to drive on. We stayed for the night and in the morning started to seek for a pump. All the shops selling spare parts offered us not suitable water pumps – there was no such pump, by part number, car, model etc. At last we found a service station, where they promised to fix the pump. Soon enough they phoned and told us, that had to send our pump to Perth to fix it. Friday it was, so on Monday we should get it.

We were again in stand-by mode the whole weekend. We took a rent car and drove to Shark Bay. Shark Bay is a white-red sanded national park 400 km from Geraldton, where you can admire dolphins. On the same bay is Ocean Park situated. There you can see many different fish living in the Indian Ocean. Everywhere of course You feel that this is entertainment for the tourists, but anyway … it is interesting.

Shark Bay:

On our way back we turned off from the main road. There was a camping in full lights and everything, but not a single person?! It must have been a camping with many guests, but … this camping of ghosts remained empty!


Here are some pictures of the place, where we last stopped:

When we got back to Geraldton (third night in small Toyota Corolla), we received a message that said: “Sorry for the delay, Your spare part will arrive in the next shipment, not in the one left this morning!! That of course turned down our optimism! Hannes has to sit on a plane 24th January in Darvin, but we have to drive there – it is ca 4000km! On the second delivery our spare part was really existing! We mounted it in no time! Hop … in the car and off to north! Let´s hope that luck has not turned his back on us and journey can now continue.  Mobile coverage could be week from now on, so heaven (or hell) can tell, when the next update can be done!



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