Esperance – Perth

From Esperance we drove on to Albany, where +41C degrees was expected, but just after when we drove out, temperature started to fall and soon reached +21C. Rain was pouring very heavily and after we reached the “Danish” border in quite northern climate. Nature is blooming much more here and that´s good. With blooming nature the technical problems arrived! Generator and accumulator are malfunctioning. Our 3G stick started the strike as well. So we were in the situation where we lost our internet connection.

First big city on the road to north is Bunbury, where the night life was boiling at the time of our arrival. This town is situated by the Indian Ocean, so by our understanding the water here is very warm. We spent couple of hours in this very beautiful town and then drove on again. Our GPS pointed us again on the highway of Bunbury – Perth, but we chose another motorway about what GPS noted “offroad”. So called offroad way was much more interesting to drive too. We wanted to park before Perth, but did not find any space and there was Perth already. Later we found out that Perth consists of many smaller pre-Perth towns and villages. So that bunch of towns makes Perth!

Its not hard to find a coast side parking space in Perth, because the whole coast is full of  tidy beaches. We were not actually looking for a parking lot, but let the wind cool us down a little bit. The beaches are all well taken care and are equipped with all the necessary things like toilets, gas grills, shower cabins, etc. We felt just like in paradise. Suitable place to spend the night we found near the Googee Beach. In the same place couple of French people in campers also spend the night.

Early in the morning we had quite of a surprise when the beach was full of people and cars. Then we found out that local people go to the beach in the mornings and evenings. Midday the beaches are relatively empty.

Tuttav kuratteabmisajast, kellega oli rõõm kohtudaOne afternoon we visited Jaana, who also lives in Perth. Jaana is happily married and has a little daughter Emeline. Jana lives 100 meters from the ocean and it is a place You can´t describe without taking a breath or two at first! Anyway it was a great pleasure to meet an old friend again.

One afternoon we went to Kings Park, where You can enjoy a marvelous sight of the city. Mostly the buildings are not high. In Kings Park there´s is a large monument for those who have died during World Wars. Every town even small, has such monuments. On those monuments they have written down all the names of men and women who have fallen in these wars.

We had just fixed our vehicles generator, when Hannes´ sensitive ear heard strange whistle from the motor. We hoped it is the generators belt, but we weren´t sure. As we wanted to move on the next day, we had to decide what to do. To repair or not was the question. We dropped the coin and it showed repair is what You must do! In the service station we went, they explained us that radiator must be changed not water pump. Ww went on to another service station. There we were greeted as old friends and they found the time to deal with our vehicle as well.

We do not speak much English. I know 10 words and Hannes 15, so it makes 20 different words in total I guess! If You regard that there is not a single so called Australian word, we do not have much words left. Luckily most Australians understand Estonian remarkably well, so we´ll manage!

When our car is fixed, we will start to drive to North. We will see nice towns beside the Ocean and after that inner land we expect heat like hell and not very much of people to welcome us.

12. Jan


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