First days in Australia

Sitting on an aircraft in Helsinki airport, I had a feeling that the seat beside me remains free and I have a lots of space and fly very comfortably. We had already 10 minute delay, when dozen chinese ran onto airplane. But You don´t have to enjoy the same comfort on aircarft like at home on the couch.

Remembering my first visit to Melbourne,  I was ready for a long and painful custom clearance, but this time it took 30 seconds and off we go. Baggage went through the X-ray and out of the custom zone we are… Weather was fine and we started to look for a hotel. In Melbourne airport there is a special desk where You can ask for a suitable (read: cheap) place to spend the night(s). Our hotel is some place! We have a view to inside yard, which is really 4 x 6 metres cube without a roof on top of it. Our hotel has 13 floors and we can see the sky from our second floor balcony. You reach Your head out and You see a tiny piece of the sky.

Sadly from that tiny piece rain is pooring constantly and we have only 10 C degrees over 0.

Add in local web that we wish to buy a camper vehicle has been there over one week now. We imagined that soon we will be overcrouded with many offers, but for 4 days we had non! Weather was lousy and we felt helpless and depressed

Waking up on Tuesday we felt that now it´s time for some changes. At first we took a street car to the far north of Melbourne to take a look at a camper van. It was not suitable and from our point of view it would not make it even to the city limit of Melbourne. We were lucky that our unpleaseant emotions were over for today.

We have now chosen suitable vehicle and feel much better. We have chosen means that we paid 50% down payment for a camper and hopefully receive vehicle tomorrow. About that (with pictures of the car) we share with You in the next part of our story.

22. December 2010


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