Christmas Time

Necessary vehicle we have now received from the salesman. Now we are the proud owners of a Ford Ecovan, which has a diesel engine and is much more economic than the gasoline van. With mileage we are about to drive, it seems very “sexy” to us.

One French guy made rebuild this camper from usual van.  After that an Irishman Craig bought it and had his share of adventures and now it is our turn. In the camper there are sleeping places, gas oven, pans etc., plus generator and almost all you need for an adventure. There is no luxury, but the price was ok and extra plus is that it is a diesel!

For Christmas we drove to Estonians we knew before. They live in the western side of Melbourne. Just like in Estonia the fields around the city are filled with houses. Most of the Australians live in the smaller or larger houses, plus the cities are not grown very much in the skies. Kert, Mihkel and Urmas made a delicious pork dish and potato salat. The table was filled with many other delicious dishes and even vodka Viru Valge and liqueur Vana Tallinn had a place on it. We lack snow, because here we have 25 C degrees! Quite unusual is to squeeze a lemon onto salmon, when lemon is just picked up from a garden!

After Christmas Day in Australia all the shops are having so called “Boxing Day” where all the goods are very much discounted. Until now it is hard for me to understand is it a day for boxers or boxing or does it mean just fooling around with the boxes. Anyway we need a table that we can mount and pack together and mount again… so we visit the Box Day. Then off we go… Within two days we try to get to Adelaide. For that purpose we have to get through Great Ocean Road, which is also called Great Bitumen Sea Snake. From that moment our great adventures are supposed to start!



25. December 2010

PS  Our vehicle tracking system is not working right now, but we hope to launch in the coming days.

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