Last Days in Tallinn

Couple of days more I will enjoy this very snowy winter weather and then off I go!

At least it seems that way – even Funair can´t surprise me anymore! A year ago I was sitting at home watching the news about similar strike. At first aircrew members were on strike then their baggage colleagues in the airport. I was lucky – just a day before my flight they stopped striking and everything went alright. Trade union is a very powerful weapon, thou personally I won´t support them.

I did examine my travel insurance thoroughly and found out that the only real insurance is health insurance.

In case of travel interruption strike is considered as a force majeure. It is no wonder, because French Revolution was a case of force majeure too and such forces of nature are ruling in Paris suburbs to this day. Thus are striking crew members definitely a force majeure and main factor of travel interruption is traveler himself!

Baggage insurance will compensate for me a tooth brush if I lose my belongings. Or maybe even a tube of toothpaste, if I can prove I own enough teeth! Insurance conditions are well and long enough written to satisfy an insurance company.

My suitcase is empty and standing sadly in the corner. Beside it there are many really useful things, which even theoretically can´t fit in, because there is not enough space.

These things are of course extremely necessary, but I have to make some kind of a choice. I am lucky to have enough time in my hands and of course the best time to pack a suitcase is three hours before the flight. Last minute decisions might not be the best, but certainly interesting!

First mailing here contains much weeping, but hopefully from now on, things cheer up!

13. December

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