Last day in Melbourne

I got the note from Hannes, that he had received a package with his favorite food inside – fast noodles. From here to Estonia it took 10 days. Luckily preserving time of the noodles is ca 300 years! Hannes can taste these noodles for some time! It was the good news!

Bad news is that I wiped out by mistake many good photos from my cameras memory chip. I did it of course before I copied them to my laptop.

I´ll try to describe what you have been missed now! We won´t see old houses with very interesting architecture… Houses are built on quite small territories… and Australia is bigger than Estonia I think 170 times!

We don´t see pictures of “Australian Airshow 2011”, where everything modern that flies was exposed. Present were helicopters, small planes and the most modern aircrafts. Demonstration flights were super! I can´t describe it with correctly maybe, but some fighters launched directly (vertically) up to the air. For me it was a great view! Despite that I think the best exponent of the show was military colored steamroller. It might have been a vehicle to serve the local airport, but you never know…at least it does not fly very high!

The day before my departure I tried to make up to my camera for deleting some of the best photos I made… I went to down town and shot some people… You see lots of young people here – seem that the aging isn´t Australia´s problem like Europe´s. Most of the pictures are made from women, because they really are prettier than men! Selection is following…


… and some pictures more


…notice that many people are talking on the mobile phone or sending SMS! It is a modern world…






8th March,


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