Departure of “Frog”

The new owner of “Frog” will be German guy Nick. We settled a meeting on 28th February. The night before I had a serious talk with “Frog”. I explained him how he must behave with the new owner. It is not polite to overheat when climbing the mountains! Handbrake is not a useless thing, but to keep you still. “Frog” looked surprised, but did not argue with me! We made a deal that he serves Nick well and will not make me shame!

I asked Nick to feed “Frog’s” radiator with certain medicine, which helps hopefully to clean it.  Nick told me that he drives from Melbourne to Adelaide and onwards on the roads “Frog” is familiar with.

Probably I won´t never meet “Frog” again. I made some pictures before our roads departed.


They say that you are only twice happy with your car – when you buy it and when you sell it! On the last picture you see two lucky men!


In Melbourne I expect to make some interesting moves and one not very intersting, but about that already in my next update!


28th February


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